Immobilier-Swiss statement on racism and discrimination

In many countries around the world we are seeing increasing calls for social justice and fairer, more equal societies.

The brutal and senseless killing of George Floyd in the United States is just one example of the sort of racism, violence, and discrimation which has affected far too many. Protests around the world show a demand for equality, for prosperity and for peace in every culture. 

At Immobilier-Swiss, we do not tolerate racism, discrimination, or violence of any kind. We prioritise and value the diversity of our people and we’re committed to fostering a culture where everyone feels they belong and has equal access to opportunities. When we see instances of racism or other forms of discrimination, wherever they may be, we all need to speak up and take action. 

We all have a responsibility to build a world of equal opportunities where no one is judged by the colour of their skin, their sexuality, their gender, their disability or their religious beliefs.  There is much to be done, and Immobilier-Swiss is committed to working with our communities to enable people of all backgrounds to feel safe, thrive and succeed.

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